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HIGH LIFE : Finding These Soft Jobs Would Be Pretty Hard

June 04, 1988

Whether it's to earn enough money to stay entertained over the next few months or to get through the first year of college, summer jobs for most teen-agers are a must.

While many will probably go to work in the local fast-food establishments or take such jobs as house painting or washing cars, everybody has in mind a summer job for which he or she would kill.

Here are some responses to this week's hot topic: "What would be your 'ultimate' summer job?"

"My dream job is driving a lowered Mazda while delivering things and making over $5 an hour." --Michael Morley, 16, junior, Bethel Baptist

"The trippiest time of my life would be working at the beach helping this gorgeous lifeguard and getting paid $10 an hour." --Debbie Baptista, 17, senior, Bethel Baptist

"My 'ultimate' job would be to work in a clinic with less fortunate children. I want to teach them that there is still hope for them." --Nanci Cortez, 15, freshman, Bethel Baptist

"I want to work at Nordstrom because of the good pay, benefits, discounts and the friendly people." --Sherrie Dronsfield, 16, junior, Bethel Baptist

"I would like to be a landscape architect because it is working outside with nature." --Rene Cortez, 17, sophomore, Bethel Baptist

"Ideal job? To be a bus boy in a restaurant that lots of cute blondes go to." --Danny Hooker, 16, junior, Canyon

"The ideal job would be as a lifeguard. I'd get to sit in the sun and get a tan. Plus, meet a lot of neat guys wearing skimpy bathing suits." --Kelly White, 18, senior, Canyon

"I have my ideal summertime job. I'm a lifeguard at Lake Mission Viejo. I get paid well to sit in the sun and do nothing." --Jason Wooley, 18, senior, Capistrano Valley

"My ideal summer job would be located in the Soviet Union because I'm fascinated by its culture, and I'd like to learn more about it." --Todd Leeland, 16, senior, Capistrano Valley

"Being an activities director aboard the Love Boat." --Cathy Warren, 16, junior, Cypress

"I would like to be a pool cleaner because our pool cleaner lays around and doesn't do anything." --Wendell Vicente, 17, senior, Cypress

"Being a judge in bikini contests." --Mike Davis, 18, senior, Cypress

"Work at a lemonade stand." --Danny Schlesinger, 18, senior, Cypress

"Work in a broker's office." --Scott Montroy, 18, senior, El Toro

"Being a lifeguard instructor." --Debbie Slamkowski, 16, sophomore, El Toro

"Teaching swimming lessons. They make about $8 for 15 minutes." --Erin Pyka, 14, freshman, El Toro

"In a big, air-conditioned office making a lot of money. I plan to use the money for med school." --Kerri Deveny, 17, senior, Fullerton

"My dream job would be working on a cruise ship headed for the Bahamas." --Kathy Byrne, 18, senior, Fullerton

"A lifeguard at Waikiki with my choice of hours, weekends optional, with all of my friends working there." --Robby Hull, 16, sophomore, Fullerton

"A camp counselor at an all-female camp on the beaches of Hawaii." --Greg Lapoint, 16, sophomore, Fullerton

"To work at my convenience at Club Med. The pay must be in double-digits per hour and there must be the possibility of weekly promotions." --Jon Penrod, 18, senior, Fullerton

"To be C.C. Deville's guitar roadie. He's the guitar player for Poison." --Claude Pena, 17, junior, Irvine

"To work as a windsurfing instructor at Club Med in Tahiti." --Bill Engel, 17, junior, Irvine

"As a backup singer for George Michael on his European and American concert tours." --Adria Silva, 16, sophomore, Irvine

"I would really love to work side-by-side with a surgeon so that I could get valuable experience." --Ramon Hernandez, 14, freshman, Irvine

"To work for a dream research laboratory and get paid $400 an hour to sleep." --Mike Edwards, 16, junior, Irvine

"Working as a recreational leader for small girls. Taking them to the beach, playing out by the pool and being paid $5 an hour." --Amy Hines, 16, junior, Liberty Christian

"Being a lifeguard at Huntington Beach's Tower 13." --Kristie Dennis, 15, freshman, Liberty Christian

"The ideal job would be getting paid a lot of money for doing nothing." --Sharon Crouch, 17, junior, Liberty Christian

"My ultimate summer job would be to get paid for having no job at all." --Anne Haraksin, 16, junior, Rosary

"My ultimate job would be to take over Melanie Rogers' position on "2 on the Town" for the summer." --Leigh Ann Spalding, 18, senior, Rosary

"Baby sitting in Hawaii." --Michelle Young, 18, senior, Rosary

"My ultimate job would be to work as an apprentice with an artist." --Karla Donaldson, 17, senior, Rosary

"The job I have right now, lifeguarding, because I'm outside all day in the sun with my friends and I like working with kids." --Patti Ersek, 16, junior, Rosary

"My ultimate summer job would be to be a 'Dating Game' chaperone." --Kelly Snell, 18, senior, Rosary

"It would have to be where I dealt with friendly people, outdoors to enjoy the weather, good pay and an enjoyable atmosphere." --Amy Fairchild, 17, junior, Santa Ana

"It would be great to be a lifeguard." --Eddie Rodriguez, 16, junior, Santa Ana

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