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Kosher Slaughter

June 05, 1988

It is with a great deal of shock and much dismay that we write concerning the "Kosher Slaughter" letter by Jack Ray.

The members of our lay and rabbinic leadership are outraged that Calendar could print this scandalous piece. Did anyone check to see if these facts are true and correct, or were they merely assumptions and hearsay . . . yet another anti-Semitic attack carried forth in the pages of the L.A. Times.

All one need do is contact the rabbis involved in kosher slaughtering of animals in our community and you would be told of the Torah's/Bible's command to slaughter animals in the most humane way possible, quickly minimizing pain and suffering to the animal.

It is unfortunate that The Times chose to print this false article. It is an insult to our community and the millions of people who observe the kosher-dietary laws.


West Coast Director



Union of Orthodox Jewish

Congregations of America

West Coast Region

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