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Times Ballot Recommendations : Primary Election, June 7, 1988 : The Candidates

June 05, 1988

(As a general policy, The Times does not usually endorse candidates in partisan primary elections. We will, however, express a preference in most contests before the November general election.)

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

2nd District--Kenneth Hahn 4th District--Deane Dana

5th District--Don Wallace

District Attorney:

Ira Reiner

Judges of the Superior Court

Office No. 1--Jerold A. Krieger Office No. 3--Jewell (Judi) Jones

Office No. 4--Terry Smerling Office No. 10--Reginald A. Dunn

Office No. 74--Henry Patrick Nelson Office No. 77--Burton Bach

Office No. 96--Roberta Ralph

Judges of the Municipal Courts Los Angeles Judicial District

Office No. 4--Juelann Cathey Office No. 6--John Gunn

Office No. 8--Marion J. Johnson Office No. 22--Barbara A. Meiers

Office No. 28--Michael Nash

Beverly Hills Office No. 1--Judith O. Stein

Catalina Judicial District--Jeffrey Lake

Culver Office No. 1--Bert Glennon Jr.

Glendale Office No. 1--Barbara Lee Burke

Malibu Judicial District--Larry Mira

Santa Anita Judicial District--S. Clark Moore

Southeast Office No. 2--Carlos de la Fuente

Whittier Office No. 2--Larry Knupp

Orange County U.S. House of Representatives

40th District, Republican--Nathan Rosenberg

Board of Supervisors

1st District--Roger R. Stanton 3rd District--Gaddi H. Vasquez

Board of Education

Trustee Area 2--Sheila Meyers Trustee Area 4--Dean McCormick

Judge of the Superior Court

Office No. 8--Robert A. Knox

Judge of the Municipal Court

North Orange County, Office No. 3--Michael A. Leversen

West Orange County, Office No. 4--Gerald L. Klein

San Diego County Mayor of City of San Diego

Maureen O'Connor

Board of Supervisors

1st District--Brian Bilbray 2nd District--George Bailey

3rd District--Susan Golding

The Measures California

Prop. 66: Requires election of all county assessors--NO

Prop. 67: Increases prison term for second-degree murder of peace officer--NO

Prop. 68: Limits legislative campaign spending, provides some public financing--YES

Prop. 69: Extends government control over victims and carriers of AIDS virus--NO

Prop. 70: $776-million bond initiative to acquire and improve parkland--YES

Prop. 71: Changes how state spending limit is calculated-YES

Prop. 72: Raids other state budgets for highway money--NO

Prop. 73: Limits campaign contributions, prohibits public financing--NO

Prop. 74: $1-billion bond issue for highways and mass transit--NO

Prop. 75: $800-million bond issue for school construction and improvement--YES

Prop. 76: $510-million bond issue for farm and home aid for California veterans--YES

Prop. 77: $150-million bond issue for earthquake safety and housing rehabilitation--YES

Orange County

A: (Unincorporated area) Initiative: Growth control--NO

B: (Dana Point) Incorporation of Dana Point--YES

C: (Irvine) General Plan amendment on open space--YES

E: (San Clemente) Ordinance: Growth control--NO

F: (Seal Beach) Ordinance: Growth control--NO

San Diego County

Prop. A: 1/2% increase in sales tax for jails and courts--YES

Prop. B: Increase of Gann spending limit--YES

Prop. V: (Fallbrook) Incorporation of Fallbrook--YES

Prop. Y: (San Diego Unified School District) Property-tax increase to build and expand schools--YES

San Bernardino County

A: Formation of new county of Mojave--NO

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