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'Where Is the Law?'

June 09, 1988

I see by your editorial that you now want the politicians to disarm the public. You would have anyone wanting a weapon to prove necessity and show responsibility before they could possess a gun.

Obviously, almost no one would be able to meet the requirements the anti-gun politicians and news people would establish.

Of course the politicians and their anti-gun friends would be set up as a special elite group and would be allowed guns for self-protection.

Laurie Dann, whose crimes inspired the editorial, had an Illinois firearms identification card which requires a background check. The only way she would have been denied a weapon would have been by some person making a subjective judgment that she should not have a gun.

These same people would allow almost no one except the politically powerful and their friends to possess a weapon.

I do not trust politicians and newspaper editors to make judgments for me or anyone else for that matter.

That is the way of tyranny.


Los Angeles

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