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Council Picks Greene to Be City Manager of Fillmore

June 09, 1988

A veteran administrator for several Southern California city governments has been named city manager of Fillmore, where he has worked on an interim basis since March.

Stanley D. Greene, 55, took over as interim city manager when James F. Rupp left the post.

Although the city received more than 70 applications for the job, City Council members offered the job to Greene, who did not apply, without examining any of the prospective candidates.

"We had what we thought was a bird in the hand," said Councilman Roger Campbell, citing Greene's administrative and planning abilities, as well as his willingness to sign a multiple-year contract.

Greene's 2 1/2-year contract, which was approved by the council Tuesday, raises his annual salary from $60,000 to $63,200. In addition, he will receive benefits valued at $1,200 a month, including health and life insurance, memberships in civic organizations and an allowance for professional workshops.

Greene has served as an interim administrator for several cities, including Saugus and Simi Valley. Most recently, he spent two years as an assistant city manager in Oxnard before starting his own management consulting firm.

Greene said short-term goals in the city should include replacing or repairing deteriorating facilities in the center of town, such as streets, sidewalks and fire hydrants. He said he would also like to increase recreational services in the city of 11,000.

The City Council is studying creation of a parks and recreation district to replace FillmoRec, a nonprofit organization that operated with city funds and program fees.

In the long run, Greene said, the city must establish new growth policies by better anticipating the future need for water, sewer services and roads. A general plan has been under development for four years, and the council last month hired an analyst to forecast demand on city services and study methods of financing those services.

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