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Paul Newman Dresses Down Lawyer at Salad Dressing Trial

June 10, 1988|Reuters

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Paul Newman exploded in anger on the witness stand today, yelling at a lawyer who accused him of misusing profits from his salad dressing company.

Grabbing a bottle of his "Newman's Own" salad dressing, the 64-year-old actor slammed it down on the witness box and shouted at the attorney.

Newman was testifying for the second day in his own defense against a breach of contract lawsuit filed by delicatessen owner Julius Gold, who claims he helped create and market Newman's dressing.

Newman denies the charge and says he gives all of the profits to charities.

Gold's lawyer, Richard Albrecht, said profits from Newman's product were instead used to finance young race car drivers.

Newman beet red and leaned forward at the witness stand, jabbed his finger toward the lawyer and began a 30-second tirade.

"What we do is accepted by the Bureau of Internal Revenue ... I suggest they are a much tougher taskmaster than Mr. Albrecht," Newman said.

"I am comfortable with this under my skin. If Mr. Albrecht is not comfortable, he can go take a jump," Newman said as he grabbed the bottle of dressing and slammed it down. Jurors flinched.

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