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Tony Flop?

June 11, 1988

Regarding the 1988 Tonys ("Postscripts to the Tonys," by Dan Sullivan and Jay Sharbutt, June 7): Bring back producer Alex Cohen!

This latest production was dreary enough to give even the Oscars a chance to catch up! After so many years of bright, classy, imaginative, exciting awards shows, this one should have been done on radio.

Three absent winners, and their absence only holes in an already failing show; Bill Irwin, once again doing his nothing bit (why??); Madonna (Madonna--!!?) out there alone and nowhere; the same scene from "Phantom of the Opera" that we've seen several times; but not one of Broadway's real stars, with the exception of a walk-on by Jason Robards and the always refreshing Angela Lansbury.

It was by far the dullest, least-inspired Tony show in my long memory. A night to forget. Erase the VCR.

Recognizing the fact that the "real stars" may be strangers to today's TV viewers, what would be so awful about bringing on people like Helen Hayes?. . . .

Bring back Alex Cohen! And let's try to forget Tony's Big Flop of '88!


Los Angeles

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