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Don't Dis on This

June 12, 1988

Let's hope some gang-bangers out there are listening to the radio, especially KDAY-AM, which is playing a new anti-gang anthem, "Why?," by local rappers The 7A3. The song is actually the B-side of the group's new single from Geffen Records (and you can find another one of their songs on the "Colors" sound track). The 7A3--which is made up of Bretty B, Seannie B and DJ Grandmaster Muggs (AKA The Mighty Italiano)--recently performed at Crenshaw High, where they spread their gospel. The lyrics to "Why?" offer a chilling message, which goes in part:

"Why? Scream mothers who witness death and blood,

Why? Cry so may others , why hate instead of love?

Think you're getting respect because you're chillin' with the clan,

But who is the winner when you kill another man?

Just puddles of blood when the gunsmoke clears,

As the living lie dead Satan appears,

Why? Why? Why?

Does a brother kills another for the color of a rag?"

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