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Gay Voters Say 'Shame' to Kell, Hall

June 12, 1988

As voting members of the Long Beach community who are actively involved in furthering gay rights and causes, we would like to take this opportunity to say publicly to both Mayor Ernie Kell and Councilwoman Jan Hall: shame, shame, shame!

Even though Hall and Kell have been given numerous opportunities to address their gay constituents, they have both turned down every offer, whether by ignoring the offer or by outright refusal.

June is Gay Pride Month in Los Angeles, and Long Beach has just ended the fifth annual Gay Pride Festival & Parade. In this very important time for gays in all communities, Gay Pride festivities are being held from coast to coast this month.

We would like to remind Hall and Kell that a public official should represent all constituents, not just a chosen few. One of the reasons we are experiencing this runoff can be attributed to the gay community's support of Luann Pryor, along with Pryor's numerous supporters in the straight community, in the mayoral elections earlier this year. Pryor, it seems, is not too homophobic to participate in an openly gay function.

Luann Pryor rode in the Gay Pride Parade and received a very warm response from all present. Kell and Hall were both given the opportunity to take out ad space in the program and/or be a part of the parade. Neither of them deemed it important enough to even acknowledge the offer with a return phone call.



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