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Looking for Significance

June 12, 1988

In response to "The $1,500 Prom Night" (by Jeannine Stein, June 2), I find it an atrocity that parents would indulge their children to such an extent.

A prom night of cherished memories can and has been accomplished here in Orange County by four very creative senior men at Huntington Beach High School with a minimal expenditure:

Prom tickets--$60 per couple (Anaheim Hilton)

Dinner--$40 per couple

Suit--$30 (Melrose Avenue, new)

Shoes--Converse High tops--$42

Cummerbund and bow tie--$25


After-prom clothes--$0 (school clothes)

Transportation--$70 (Budget rent-a-truck, split four ways

Chauffeur, (a Dad)--$0

Decorations and refreshments for truck--$15

Furnishings for truck--sofa, chairs, tables, tape deck etc.--$0

In everyone's eyes, this added up to a total of more fun and memories than the yuppie mind-set of L.A.'s Westside.


Huntington Beach

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