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Inner-City Black Youths

June 12, 1988

I am sure we are all disturbed by the condition of American young black males. However, Gibbs' solutions only serve to raise more questions and confusion.

She states that blacks are miseducated, yet she does not share with us the subjects that should be taught that would make them more productive. Nor does she address the problem of students who refuse to learn.

She feels that the criminal justice system mishandles black criminals. Again, she offers no solution to the increasing use of drugs and the accompanying crime it generates.

It seems the welfare system also mistreats the blacks receiving its benefits. Her solution is to increase the programs and benefits. Will this really serve to help black families to get off the welfare rolls and enter the mainstream of society?

I would suggest that the solution lies within the black youths themselves. Until they take advantage of the programs that are available to them now, they will continue to remain an endangered species. An illiterate person in America has no right to be bitter.

People may have prejudices, but business does not. Companies require profits to stay in business. Whoever can produce that profit will be hired, regardless of their color.

The opportunities are indeed there. Until our young black males take advantage of the educational programs that are available now, they will continue to be the lost generation.



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