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GOP on Dukakis

June 12, 1988

I was shocked to see myself characterized as "praising" Michael Dukakis in William Schneider's column "The Battle for California" (Opinion, June 5).

My remarks to Schneider were in the vein of saying that Dukakis has potential appeal to Californians from his own false presentation of his Massachusetts record.

He did not implement the tax cutting measure (Proposition 2 1/2) in any other sense than letting it take effect. He opposed the measure to begin with and proposed a variety of tax increases during his tenure as governor. (He did not make the state "live within its means" in Schneider's words.)

The "Massachusetts Miracle" is something Dukakis has almost no responsibility for. The Massachusetts economy received its biggest boost from President Ronald Reagan's tax cut and national defense buildup (and Proposition 2 1/2), all of which Dukakis opposed. In what sense can he take credit for the positive economic fallout from those measures?



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