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June 17, 1988| Compiled by Terry Atkinson

Recent releases, reviewed by Times critics.

"Cry Freedom." MCA. $89.95. 1987. PG. South African anti-apartheid activist Stephen Biko, as seen through the eyes of a white friend and newspaperman. Directed by Richard Attenborough ("Gandhi").

"Like Father, Like Son." RCA/Columbia. $89.95. 1987. PG-13. One of several comedies where dad (Dudley Moore) magically changes places with his kid (Kirk Cameron).

"The Three Worlds of Gulliver." RCA/Columbia. $69.95. 1960. Spirited adaptation of "Gulliver's Travels," with Kerwin Matthews, special effects by Ray Harryhausen and a score by Bernard Herrmann.

"Son of Dracula." MCA. $29.95. 1943. Though relatively little-seen and starring Lon Chaney Jr., instead of Bela Lugosi as the count ( not his son, despite the title), this Robert Siodmak-directed sub-sequel is a notable one.

"Benji the Hunted." Walt Disney. $89.95. 1987. G. That lovable canine plays foster parent to some mountain-lion cubs.

"Columbo: Murder by the Book." MCA. $39.95. 1971. One of the movie-length entries from the classic detective series, but not just any one: this time Peter Falk, Jack Cassidy, et al. were directed by a young Universal wiz named Steven Spielberg.

"Underworld, USA." RCA/Columbia. $69.95. 1960. Samuel Fuller directed this crime drama, starring Cliff Robertson.

"Stranded." RCA/Columbia. $79.95. 1987. PG-13. Aliens fleeing persecution come down to Earth. Starring Maureen O'Sullivan (!) and Ione Skye.

"Positive I.D." MCA. $79.95. 1987. R. A rape victim plots a complex revenge.


"Rings Around the World." RCA/Columbia. $69.95. A 1967, 79-minute documentary on circus acts, hosted by Don Ameche.

"The Avengers." Hollywood Select. $9.99 each. Ten more titles of the zany British spy series from 1966-69.

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