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No Sympathy for 'Unwed Father'

June 17, 1988

I am outraged by the insensitivity of the courts and the father in the case of Katie Moses ("Unwed Father: The Other Side," by Beverly Beyette, June 8).

It seems no one, except the adoptive parents, have considered how devastating it will be to this 7-year-old child to remove her from the only stable environment she ever knew.

To think, as Edward McNamara does, that "Katie could make a slow transition, with professional help to smooth the way" is not only ludicrous, it's naive.

Having been in the middle of a human tug of war at Katie's age, I can personally assure you at age 31 the "way" is still far from "smoothed" and the resentment I feel for my father runs high.

McNamara had a choice of visitation rights but he turned it down. That action is in direct conflict with the statement "I just want to be a part of her life" and otherwise proves this to be a battle of wills at the child's expense.

If you really love your daughter, Mr. McNamara, let her go. Forget your selfish reasons of principle, and when Katie is "of age" the decision will be hers to make, as it should be.


Los Angeles

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