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June 20, 1988

In response to "Lost in America: Low-Rent Housing," by W. John Moore, Opinion, June 12:

The problem of decontrolling rents on HUD projects, described by Moore, will only exacerbate an already critical situation that exists in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is now in a critical state regarding low-rent housing. Thirty thousand people are homeless and tens of thousands are living in garages without heat or adequate plumbing. Other families are forced to live 10 or 12 to an apartment which was designed for two.

The Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee on Low Income Housing is presently tackling these issues and expects to have definitive proposals for the mayor and City Council within the next three months.

We will need the financial support of the business community and the cooperation of the people of Los Angeles in order to resolve this gargantuan problem which affects the quality of life for all the citizens of our community.



Mayor's Blue Committee on

Affordable Housing

Los Angeles

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