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No. 1 T-Shirt

June 24, 1988| Compiled by the Fashion88 staff

Best T-shirt of the year award belongs to the best basketball team of the year: the Lakers. This shirt is a feast for the eyes, the definite "must have" among all the Lakers shirts that were hawked at the downtown L.A. victory parade. The winning design has caricatures of the whole team's beaming faces on the front, along with all their autographs.

Morning-After Replay

Add this to the postgame talk about the Lakers' championship season. The morning after Game 6, which the big guys won by a single point, KLAC radio announcer Chick Hearn (a.k.a. the Voice of the Lakers) was played out. He showed up--wearing running shoes, not high tops--at the Shoe and Clothing Connection in Encino, and he never got off the couch. Stephanie Simon of the store says Chickie spent the whole time recapping the game for her while his wife browsed. "He was too tired to think about shopping," Simon says. "He just plopped down and couldn't move a muscle." Moments later, Loni Anderson picked up the slack when she bounced in and plopped down about $800 in exchange for five pair of high-heel shoes and a lavender sports shirt. The shirt was for Burt Reynolds. "He loves pink and lavender," she told Simon about her new husband.

Young, Restless, Expecting

Melody Thomas Scott of "The Young and the Restless" tells us she's getting double mileage from her wardrobe this summer. She's wearing maternity clothes both in real life and on screen, because she's expecting a baby and so is her TV character. And to dress for after-hours events, she says, she's been raiding the wardrobe room. That's where she found what she'll wear to the Daytime Emmy Award show in July. It's a little black dress with a short ruffled skirt from Pea in the Pod in Beverly Hills.

Future Style From Yesterday

Men who wonder what to wear tomorrow might like to know what Anita Kwong suggests. She's just been awarded the Designer of Tomorrow award for her natty menswear designs. A student of L.A. Trade Tech, she took the prize from Lazarus department stores (there are 43 of them sprinkled from Indiana to West Virginia), which sponsored an international competition. As for Kwong's winning designs, they look more like yesterday than tomorrow. Picture "Brideshead Revisited," Evelyn Waugh and the days between the two world wars.

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