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The Jane Fonda Apology

June 25, 1988

I wonder what ulterior motive Ms. "Benedict Arnold" Fonda has for her 16-years-too-late and too-little apology for her Hanoi trip.

As a Marine veteran who spent 2 1/2 years in Vietnam, I am not only suspicious of her motives, but uninterested in accepting any apology from her.

The apology she owes is to the millions who died in Southeast Asia at the hands of the communist Vietnamese, since our withdrawal, and the many more who died trying to escape their oppression.

Fonda also should apologize to those who did escape and now live, barely existing, in refugee camps. She should make another trip to communist Vietnam, to Hue, and apologize to Vietnamese Archbishop Nguyen Kim Dien, living there under house arrest since the communist takeover; probably he'll follow his religious teachings and forgive her.

I cannot speak for the hundreds of thousands of other Viet vets, but for me, being called a criminal while Fonda gave credence to the communists and sat smiling in the seat of an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down our pilots, will never be forgotten nor forgiven.

No, Jane Fonda, do not think your apology will be accepted any sooner by me than by the millions of dead at the hands of your communist friends. They are beyond your propaganda attempts, a measure of freedom having died with each of them. And I? I listen with their ears.


Baldwin Park

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