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The Jane Fonda Apology

June 25, 1988

So Jane Fonda was buffaloed into apologizing to the Vietnam vets, huh?

In a predominately Christian nation, the Christians have forgotten the most important precept of Christ: forgiveness.

What Jane Fonda did was not as important as why she did it. She did it to save the lives of American GIs, but especially the lives of Vietnamese children.

The Vietnam vets have taken one event from a chaotic era and brought it forward in time to a pseudo-patriotic, more conservative era. They've hounded the central figure of that event to tears.

Well, they'll have to hound me too, because I agree with all the reasons Fonda did what she did. And I don't cry. I fight.

Fonda should know there's still at least one man out here who's willing to stand up for what's right. I only know her through her outstanding work as an actress and her consistent politics 1870030194doing this to bury the issue and get on with her life.

So be it. It's time now for the Vietnam vets to bury the tomahawk too.



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