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June 26, 1988

NO LESSER PLEA by Robert K. Tanenbaum (Signet: $4.95). A tenacious district attorney matches wits with a mass-murderer who knows the criminal justice system as well as any attorney and uses it to stay out of jail.

SAINTS by Orson Scott Card (TOR: $4.95). Historical tale about a pioneering Mormon woman's travels and her resulting prominence in the community.

FIRST BORN by Doris Mortman (Bantam Books: $4.95). Four women (all named Frances Rebecca) vie for wealth, power and romance from Paris to Washington.

INVENTING THE ABBOTTS AND OTHER STORIES by Sue Miller (Laurel: $8.95). Collection of stories about men and women in conflict, often with their own values.

DEATH OF A GOLDEN GIRL by Eileen Fulton (Ivy Books: $3.50). Fulton is a popular soap opera star who has penned this mystery about--you guessed it--a sleuthing soap opera star.


THE NYE COUNTY BROTHEL WARS by Jeanie Kasindorf (Dell: $4.50). Mystery and drama come to life when key players collide in an investigation started because of a questionable fire that took place at a Las Vegas brothel.

WE NEED TO DREAM ALL THIS AGAIN by Bernard Pomerance (Penguin Books: $8.95). Poems reflecting on battle between the United States and the Sioux over the Black Hills.

WOMEN, POWER, AND THERAPY, edited by Marjorie Braude (Harrington Park Press: $14.95). The empowerment of women through psychology is the theme of this collection of thoughtful essays.

THE WORLD'S TALLEST MIDGET: The Best of Frank Deford by Frank Deford (Little, Brown: $8.95). The human condition is the heart of these 17 sports stories by the popular Sports Illustrated writer.

COME ON DOWN!!!: The TV Game Show Book by Jefferson Graham (Abbeville Press: $16.95). Did you ever wonder how or why a particular game show came to be? You'll learn that and more in this historical account of game shows in America.


THE NEW YORK TIMES PARENT'S GUIDE TO THE BEST BOOKS FOR CHILDREN by Eden Ross Lipson (Times Books: $12.95). Contains 34 indexes of 1,000 books for toddlers to young adults.

MEN WHO CAN'T LOVE by Steven Carter and Julia Sokol (Berkley Books: $4.50). Authors reverse a trend and tell women what not to do for the commitment-phobic man.

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