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In Today's Work Environment, There's No Such Thing as a Safe, Permanent Job

June 26, 1988

After reading the first few paragraphs of David Heller's open letter, I realized he was saying exactly what I was feeling.

Recently I learned that, as of this Dec. 31, I will be laid off. My job, along with six others, is being replaced with "higher computer technology."

Like Heller, my first thought was "Why me?" After eight very dedicated, very loyal and highly productive years, my services were no longer needed. What really made me angry was that less productive employees with far less loyalty and far less seniority were being kept. I like working and 95% of the time I really like my job. How sad, as Heller pointed out, that loyalty has become obsolete.

Although the reorganization is still months away, I have noticed a definite change in my colleagues' behavior. There is an attitude of superiority among the workers who are not affected by the change. Is it any wonder that my superiors have questioned my sudden lack of motivation?

The idea of looking for and finding a new job doesn't frighten me. In fact, I'm excited about having new options open to me.

Thank you, David Heller, for your very supportive viewpoint. It really helped to know I wasn't alone in my feelings of alienation. I will keep your article, and I will follow your advice--it really makes sense.


Woodland Hills

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