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Cityhood Campaign and the New Reality

June 26, 1988

The ballots have been counted, the campaign signs hopefully taken down and now the reality of our historic cityhood election on June 7 is setting in on the minds of the residents.

For those who have been involved in the long and difficult process of getting cityhood on the ballot, the 80% positive vote was a wonderful conclusion to thousands of hours of hard work by many volunteers. The "landslide" vote was a great way to start our new city.

For the most part, the entire election process was a very positive experience. The pro-cityhood committee, in sticking to the issues, not someone's scare tactic fantasies, provided voters the real facts needed to make an informed decision.

The same was true for most of the candidates who based their election campaigns on issues, not personality attacks. Fortunately, those who decided not to take the high road also missed a unique chance to serve our city.

The campaign provided me, as one of 25 candidates, with a chance to talk with many of you, and your comments and concerns were both interesting and informative. It's obvious that many of you care very deeply about what happens to our city.

To those who shared my feelings and voted for me, I want to thank you for your support and encouragement. For those who didn't vote for me, I hope to earn your trust and support in the coming months as one of the members of our first City Council.


Dana Point

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