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Huntington Beach Eliminates Police at High Schools

June 26, 1988

I am appalled at the recent decision by the Huntington Beach Union High School District to eliminate the campus peace officers that patrol our schools. This school district has been slowly cutting the benefits to its education program.

The campus peace officers are not merely truant officers to slap the kids' wrists when they ditch class. They are a deterrent to those who would otherwise disrupt the learning environment. Didn't the district think that maybe the officers were there to protect the safety of the students, their property and school property?

The safety of our students isn't the only problem. What about the safety of the rest of the community? Having to rely more on the local police will put a strain on the availability of police for the surrounding community. This is a matter that has been protested by the police chiefs of Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach and Westminster, whose communities the school district serves.

The district's position on the issue seems to be "a lack of funds." This is a poor excuse to take measures that jeopardize the safety of the students and of the entire community. The school district should be committed to ensuring the safety of the people they serve no matter what the cost.

This decision is sending a message to the criminals that it's open season on our schools.

Starting in September, things are going to take a turn for the worse.


Fountain Valley

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