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The Plan to Link Yorba, Placentia School Districts

June 26, 1988

The parents in the Yorba Linda School District need to be alerted to the seriousness of the proposed merger of the Yorba Linda and Placentia School districts.

Our superintendent and school board are hoping we will go to the polls in November and pass this merger. Yet, they, and the Placentia district, are unwilling to provide us with adequate information to make an intelligent decision.

Neither our school board nor the Placentia Board will tell us what the full ramifications of this merger mean. Parents have a right to know. We are being asked to give away "the plum" without receiving any guarantees or even answers to questions dealing with student-teacher ratio, school boundaries, overcrowding and change of personnel, to name a few.

We enjoy an outstanding rapport and communication between parents and teachers. It is our very smallness that makes us able to function on a personal basis. Bigger does not mean better! We are being asked to become swallowed up by some huge, impersonal school district which already has enough problems of its own.

Just because our present superintendent was hired specifically to push this reorganization through, does not mean we have to vote in favor of it. My worst nightmare is that we will somehow lose the power and right to vote on this . . . that it will be manipulated and maneuvered right out from under us.

It may very well be time for a change. Perhaps the place it should start is the superintendent's office. We need somebody in there who is pro-Yorba Linda!


Yorba Linda

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