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Capturing a 'Feeling'

June 26, 1988

Paul Dean's article about St. Croix really "says it like it is!" It's the most factual article we've read concerning our beautiful island. We have owned a small seaside inn on St. Croix for five years.

We do not have air conditioning--those delightful trade winds keep us cool. We do not have TV in our guest rooms, but we do have a paperback library in each room. And no telephones in the rooms--our guests love it that way! Of course there are constant surf sounds for sound effects and a view of the ocean and sky that is really spectacular. Laid back or "lyming" is real easy here on St. Croix.



Weaves at Cane Bay

P.O. box 1749

Kingshill, St. Croix

U.S. Virgin Islands 00820

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