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Missing Issue

June 27, 1988

Letters in the Los Angeles Times June 18 commenting on Dukakis, Jackson and Democrats trigger a response.

While I am in agreement with most of those letters, I am distressed over the omission of what many consider the most important issue of the times.

I refer to the growing nuclear threat. Probably hundred of millions of citizens, including people of all ages, races and nationalities, share that concern.

As long as a nuclear arsenal exists, wars of any kind threaten the survival of the human race. The fact that this terror has been hanging over us since Hiroshima with no nuclear weapons accident is of small comfort. Records are full of near-misses.

Errors, human or computer, war-time jitters, and terrorists or kooks in possession of one or more missiles could trigger that final, fatal holocaust.

This is the conviction of leading scientists, economists and military personnel in both superpowers.

In the name of humanity, why are politicians and the media so silent on the subject and so reluctant to start at once to render the world nuclear arsenal impotent?


Laguna Niguel

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