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Robin's Knockout Dress

July 01, 1988

To watch husband Mike Tyson clobber Michael Spinks in Atlantic City Monday night, actress Robin Givens wore a spectacular two-piece dress. The hand-beaded top and elaborate pouf skirt are from the Gianni Versace boutique in Beverly Hills where, we learned, the heavyweight champ is a frequent shopper. The couple came in "about a month and a half ago," a spokesperson told Listen. Tyson bought some clothes while Givens browsed and stared at the dress in the window. "She asked about it, but she didn't try it on," we were told. And she never did. A few weeks later, her secretary made the purchase by telephone from New York. The knockout, Size-4 dress arrived with a four-digit bill to match.

Coifing for the Convention

Kitty Dukakis has invited Martin Fassnidge of the Joseph Martin salon on Rodeo Drive to spend five days in Atlanta during the Democratic National Convention this month. Fassnidge will tend Dukakis' short brown hair, keeping it in shape for her public appearances during the nominating procedure. We mentioned here recently that the wife of the Democratic presidential candidate was coiffed by Fassnidge when she was last in Los Angeles. "She must like the way I do her hair, no?" asked Fassnidge. We think yes.

Love That Toon

Roger Rabbit gets this week's Best-Dressed Bunny award. Outfitted in Disney-red overalls and a turquoise bow tie with yellow dots, Roger won us over with his primary colors, his fuzzy wuzziness, his lisp and his on-screen persona as the husband every woman's hopping to find. We didn't even mind his floppy ears.

Hair-Raising Songwriting

Pop songwriter Bernie Taupin, who turns out the lyrics for Elton John, is keeping up with the latest from the Paris fashion runways. He's wearing his hair in a braid. He's been growing it for months, says his stylist, Gina Furth of the Yuki salon, where he gets a regular trim around the ears and recently added a few blond streaks. Furth says plenty of her music and movie biz male clients are letting their hair grow so they can wear the same look. Et tu, Elton?

The Kindest Cut

"I like her better without makeup. She looks gorgeous," hair stylist Allen Edwards informed Listen in an update on actress Donna Mills. Her hair is now golden blond rather than blond-blond. But the big change is her newest cut: straight and blunt made slightly crinkly with the use of a texture gloss. How does it look? "Sort of Brigitte Bardot sexy," according to Edwards.

Jumpsuiting on Bandwagon

More on Democratic style: About 60 key women in the Dukakis presidential campaign may wind up wearing identical jumpsuits on the convention floor in Atlanta next month. George Rudes of Saint Germain tells Listen he's proposed to donate the jumpsuits, which his firm makes, so that the women will have a sort of uniform and can be quickly identified across the crowded room. Rudes tells us he's on the board of directors of the Dukakis fund-raising organization.

Always Prepared

We hear from J. Gerard that costume designer Theodora Van Runkle was cruising along Melrose Avenue last week, liked what she saw in Gerard's windows and ended up spending $10,000. It was strictly business, however. Van Runkle's purchases, which included a $1,000 silk swimsuit and a number of long "goddess" dresses (all designed by Gerard), will be worn by Shelley Long in the upcoming film "Be Prepared."

Winning the Marty

We usually write about Fred Segal, the hipsters' store on Melrose Avenue, when some steamy celebrity's been on a buying binge. Well, this time it's Ron Herman's turn. He owns the shop and he just won the Marty Award for leading menswear retailer in town. During California International Menswear Market week at the California Mart, Herman was voted in by more than 1,000 retailers and manufacturers, who judged him on the basis of retail leadership, creative merchandising, stock presentation and retail growth.

A Clothes Dynasty

It sounds like "Dynasty's" John James will need a dynasty-size income to cover his recent fashion purchases. He's been buying evening dresses for his friend Denise Coward, Listen hears from custom designer Jack Reed. So far Reed has created two long, silk moire coats, two floor-length dresses--one beaded, one lace--and "a blue furry cocktail dress" for Coward. He says James has final approval of all the clothes and adds, "John's really into 1940's glamour."

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