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Belushi's 'Excesses'

July 02, 1988

In response to Nina J. Easton's article on the John Belushi movie "Wired" (" 'Wired' Follows Tortuous Path to Screen," June 29):

In any ghetto community in this country, a person who continually injects heroin into his veins and, eventually, overdoses, is called an addict.

According to Belushi's former manager, Bernie Brillstein, a person who engages in the same behavior in the Hollywood community is/was an "excessive person."

I loved Belushi the actor (I still have my Blues Brothers button and sunglasses). But Belushi the man was a pitiful creature who ruined his life with drugs, just like any junkie on the street. Why do people insist on making drug addicts like Belushi, Presley and Monroe into icons?

I don't know. I do know that I will always remember and admire Belushi's comic brilliance, but I refuse to forget that he was ultimately responsible for his own destruction.

Junkies are not heroes, no matter how many Emmys they win.


Los Angeles

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