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City's Sweep of Two Downtown Homeless Encampments

July 02, 1988

For the past 10 years I have been doing volunteer person-to-person work and help on Skid Row. The crying need--as your editorial makes abundantly clear--is the outrageous lack of emergency housing.

I'm mad as hell, and I am going to do something about it!

Mad because human beings on Skid Row are often treated like garbage!

Mad because all they had in the world was recently scooped up and thrown on a city trash heap!

Mad because nothing much ever really happens--ask anyone of the dedicated, helping people on Skid Row and the bottom line is beds, beds, beds . . . .

Is there anyone who will help me secure a vacant warehouse that would house 500 cots as just a beginning?

The inequity of mega-million dollar homes in Beverly Hills and homeless people sleeping under cardboard boxes on our streets cries to heaven for justice!


Los Angeles

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