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Come On Now, Give Pistons Their Due

July 02, 1988

In Scott Ostler's "Perspiring minds want to know . . . " column (June 23), he wrote "something totally disrespectful" about the Detroit Pistons.

He said the Utah Jazz is the second-best team in basketball.

Did the Jazz beat the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls in the playoffs, as the Pistons did?

Did the Jazz come back in Game 7 of the NBA finals--with its two leading scorers on the bench--to get within a point in the final minute, as the Pistons did?

Did the Jazz outscore the Lakers in the final series, 709-691, as the Pistons did?

No, no and no. The Jazz is a top 10 team, but the best teams get to the finals.


Seal Beach

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