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Whites Not Allowed?

July 03, 1988

Who does Freddie Jackson think he is ("Freddie Jackson Won't Sell His Soul for a Pop Hit," by Dennis Hunt, June 26)?!

Does he really believe that he has the right to forbid George Michael from "invading my territory" simply because Michael is white and therefore can't possibly have soul?

Jackson claims that he grew up in Harlem eating collard greens and fried chicken (which, judging from his appearance, is all he's ever done) and that those activities breathe that soul into him and his music. I'd like to see evidence that diet is the foundation for soul.

But none of what Freddie Jackson said is as offensive as the L.A. Times' decision to print it. I've not seen such blatantly racist literature since the KKK stopped printing its monthly newsletter.

I'm so tired of the reverse discrimination that freely saturates our media, I want to scream!

Can you imagine if a white person (maybe even George Michael) had made similar separatist remarks about a black singer? I venture to guess that he'd be shamed and blackballed (or maybe I have to say "whiteballed") right off the charts.

Printing the article was a travesty. I used to like Freddie Jackson. I didn't realize that as a Caucasian I'm not allowed.



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