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No-Growth Unfair

July 03, 1988

I'm mad as hell about the no-growth initiative.

I am saving for a down payment on our first home. Believe me, it is not easy. If you read the classifieds, the average home costs upward of $150,000.

Now, along comes this no-growth initiative. It will reduce new home building to 4,000 houses a year. What does that do to housing prices?

They go even higher. In fact, I heard about a study that said home prices will increase by more than 2.5% if the no-growth initiative passes.

By my arithmetic that's about a $4,000 price hike on an average home.

This is not fair to people like me who work hard and pinch pennies to buy a decent home. It would take me over a year longer to save that much more money.

And the silly thing about this no-growth initiative is that it won't even reduce traffic.

The no-growth initiative is the wrong answer for people like me looking for an affordable home.


San Diego

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