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Taking 'Safety Steps' for Laguna Canyon Road

July 03, 1988

The California Coastal Commission has lost its mind along with the Laguna Beach City Council. The commission in all seriousness agreed to the council's "interim safety steps" for Laguna Canyon Road. Mayor Dan Kenney was proud enough of these "safety steps" to have his picture printed with their announcement in the newspapers.

The article (June 10) said the interim safety steps include more and "possibly" larger warning signs, stepped up enforcement of traffic laws and "possibly" a traffic signal at Canyon Acres Drive.

Three days after this announcement a motorcyclist came through the canyon at a reported 80 m.p.h. and crashed. Is anyone naive enough to think that kind of person is the least bit inclined to observe, much less obey, signs of any size or type?

I read some time ago that traffic signals cost approximately $30,000 to install. Canyon Acres Drive intersects Laguna Canyon Road close to downtown, where the canyon road is divided with left turn lanes and is not in an area where serious accidents often occur. The traffic signal, if placed there, would be almost a mile from "Big Bend," the road's most dangerous spot.

Not only will the taxpayers be bilked for these safety "non-measures" but we will also have to pay for a one-year study of them by an independent consultant.

Mayor Kenney was quoted by the newspapers as saying, "This is a step forward." Stop wasting our money and our lives. Widen and divide Laguna Canyon Road.


Laguna Beach

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