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The Middle Class

July 03, 1988

Our so-called middle class are millionaires compared to most of the people in other countries.

So just fly over and look down on our middle class with their swimming pools, tennis courts, flower gardens, fruit trees, two cars and the best of everything within their houses.

Then fly over other countries. The big cities glitter and point long square fingers at the sky but a large percentage live way below our standards of the very poorest.

But when I say to my children, "Please put a small part of your salary in an account for later," they say, "Later? I want to live now." But even so, it is never enough.

Then when age creeps on, money shrinks, prices soar and jobs are scarce they think they are just unlucky.

It is high time they took a real good look at what they already own. Then drag out a lot of hidden talents.



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