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Looking Like a Star

July 08, 1988| Compiled by the Fashion88 staff

Can costume designer Nolan Miller, the man who makes Linda Evans and Joan Collins look like a million bucks on "Dynasty," do the same for the rest of us? We'll find out when he unveils his first ready-to-wear collection in September. He says he's showing 80 outfits for day, dinner and evening, as well as a select few negligees like those Alexis (Collins between takes) wears to prance around the house. He's not sure what the price tags will be. But he just bought a few bolts of cashmere at $250 a yard, if that gives you any idea.

'Change' for Phillips

More from Mr. Miller: He's dressing Julianne Phillips (Bruce Springsteen's estranged wife) for a movie she'll appear in with John Ritter. "Julianne plays a kind of Melrose type," says Miller, who is making dresses for her to wear in a couple of party scenes. But more often, he explains, she'll wear jodhpurs, boots, a leather jacket and other store-bought items. Ritter, by the way, will be dressed like a high-toned, high-fashioned Beverly Hills writer, in suits from Giorgio Armani. "It's a look he's never had in his television shows," Miller notes. The movie, "Change," is the latest from Blake Edwards.

A Shade of Colorization

Listen caught sight of Joanna Cassidy--dishy Dolores with the dark brown hair in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." So we checked out the roots. Looks like Cassidy, long known for her breezy, red-blond tresses, is a real life, full-time brunette now, at least until her natural color grows in. No rush, we assume. Sable suits her. By the way, Cassidy was driving a vintage Karmann Ghia as green as carrot tops when we got the scoop.

'Be Prepared' for Shelley

Costume designer Theadora Van Runkle called to set the record straight. She did get some things at J. Gerard on Melrose Avenue, as we reported last week, but they were for a bit player, not for Shelley Long, star of the upcoming Weintraub production "Be Prepared." Van Runkle says she has a huge budget and is "making everything to order for Shelley." The actress, who plays a Beverly Hills divorcee, will have about 40 wardrobe changes, including a "modern Marie Antoinette party dress." Along with the big bucks being spent on costumes, Van Runkle thinks the film could break another record: "Shelley is wearing a hat in every scene. This is a chic pastiche about a tremendously fashion-conscious woman."

Sticking With Medusa Look

Seeing the sights in London this summer? Be sure to watch out for the Medusa look. That's what they're calling the newest hair style from the land of the punk, the pink and the otherwise uncommon coiffures. Listen hears from the Antenna salon of Kensington Church Street, London, that the latest style requires a small bundle of "sticks," which are the beauty tools beneath the snake-like snarls. Flexible as rubber bands and not much bigger, sticks are to wrap with hair before bending into any imaginable shape. And yes, all you mums across America, they're worn by men as well as women. Let's see how long it takes them to make it to Melrose.

Bob's Birthday

Who needs the Lotto? Certainly not anyone born on July 9. Vidal Sassoon salons are offering free haircuts to anybody with that birth date. Men and women born July 9 in any year at all--and you don't have to divulge--can enter any Sassoon salon and come away with a bob, a blunt haircut with optional bangs, because it's the bob's birthday too. The "Sassoon Bob," that is. The salon's now-famous, once-British-based owner cut the original version on July 9, 1963.

Anton Makes Like a Laker

Add this to the list of things that make Susan Anton one of a kind--she dribbles. Listen spied the almost-6-foot-tall, super-slim, blond actress bouncing a basketball down Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood, making like a Laker. And, because we knew you'd ask what was she wearing, we took a note. She had on worn, torn blue jeans and a T-shirt.

New Club on the Circuit

And now, at last, a club that nighthawks can really sink their teeth into: Club Sandwich. It's the latest on the downtown Los Angeles circuit (1024 S. Grand Ave., to be exact), and it's boasting a "world class" chef, classical music, art, and most of all, fashion. Could be tasty when it opens later this month.

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