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U.S. Gets a Break, Now Soccer Needs a Few

July 09, 1988

In view of the great news that the United States has been chosen to be host of the 1994 World Cup, the promotion of soccer in this country could easily be given a boost if reasonable television coverage would be provided.

Unlike football and baseball, the game of soccer is played with so few interruptions, television has a difficult time finding sponsors, who would like their products to be aired at more frequent intervals than the flow of play permits.

However, this could easily be cured with some minor modifications in the game. Among the possibilities are:

--A two-minute break upon each goal kick or upon a throw-in within 20 to 25 yards on either side of the halfway line.

--Stoppage of play for an injury or a kickoff following a goal scored.

In addition, one or more professional soccer leagues should be organized in the United States now, as a way of welcoming the World Cup games. What greater motivation could we possibly need?



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