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July 10, 1988

THE TIMOTHY FILES by Lawrence Sanders (Berkley Books: $4.95). There's a new private eye on the block: Timothy Cone and he's in the midst of a chilling mystery that starts with big business and ends in murder. (For Timothy's further adventures, see Page 8.)

WORLD'S END by T. Coraghessan Boyle (Penquin Books: $8.95). The story of three New York families whose paths crossed in the late 1600s and now begin to cross again.

THY FATHER'S HOUSE by Monique Raphel High (Dell: $4.50). Banking scion fights family to keep fortune and to be with the woman he loves.

SACRED AND PROFANE by Faye Kellerman (Fawcett Crest: $3.95). The foothills above Los Angeles have been used as a burial site for a heinous crime, much to the regret of a police detective who is camping in the area.

A SIGN OF THE EIGHTIES by Gail Parent (Jove: $4.50). Television is the backdrop for a ticklish love triangle.


AND A VOICE TO SING WITH: A Memoir by Joan Baez (Plume: $8.95). For three decades Baez has lifted her voice not only in song but in social consciousness as well.

FALL FROM GRACE: Sex, Scandal and Corruption in American Politics From 1702 to the Present by Shelley Ross (Ballentine: $9.95). A history of the foibles, follies, and embarrassments among our public officials.

MY DADDY WAS A PISTOL AND I'M A SON OF A GUN by Lewis Grizzard (Dell: $4.50). Affectionate memoir of syndicated columnist's often inebriated father who nevertheless found the time to pass on the rituals of manhood to his son.

SUSAN LEE'S ABZs OF ECONOMICS by Susan Lee (Pocket Books: $6.95). The fundamentals of economics are translated into every language and discussed. Lee is a senior editor and columnist at Forbes magazine.

INTENSIVE CARE: The Story of a Nurse by Echo Heron (Ivy Books: $4.50). Account of what it's like to be on the front lines in the medical field.


HAVE A LOVE AFFAIR WITH YOUR HUSBAND (Before Someone Else Does) by Susan Kohl and Alice Miller Bregman (St. Martin's Press: $3.50). Now that you've got him, here's how you can keep him.

BETSY ASHTON'S GUIDE TO LIVING ON YOUR OWN by Betsy Ashton (Little, Brown: $12.95). You Inc. requires a battery of services to function, from the dry-cleaners to your family physician. Ashton instructs on how to effectively deal with a host of professionals and services.

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