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Philip Morris Advertisement

July 13, 1988

A monument to bad taste? You bet. Take for example the ad touting the economic force of the "American smoker."

Smokers are an economic force for sure. Take note, please.

- The billions of dollars in subsidies to tobacco growers paid out of taxes, about half of which is paid for by nonsmokers.

- Wages of firemen putting out fires started by people smoking in bed or flipping lighted butts out of car windows.

- Medical costs. A good basic income for physicians and hospitals.

- Sign painters making a bit of extra income with "No Smoking" etc. signs.

- Aromatic spray can manufacturers that hotels couldn't get along without.

- Attorney fees. Let's not forget the lawyers, pro or con, who will pocket substantial bucks no matter who wins or loses.

Enough said?


Newport Beach

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