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Fillmore City Hall Workers to Sue in Sexual Harassment Case

July 14, 1988

Meeting in their second closed session in five days, the Fillmore City Council on Tuesday delayed acting on complaints by three women City Hall workers that City Manager Stanley D. Greene has been sexually harassing them.

After the two-hour session, Mayor Gary Creagle announced that the council will meet again Saturday morning behind closed doors to consider "the ongoing personnel problem." He declined to elaborate.

City Clerk Noreen Withers and the two other women employees said Wednesday that they were upset by the postponement and plan to sue the city and its top administrator.

"I was really disheartened by the way this was handled, so I have no choice but to file a lawsuit," Withers said. "I'm frustrated, and there's been enough time to respond to the complaint."

Withers complained to city officials about the alleged harassment in June. She has filed a complaint with the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleging that Greene has been sexually harassing her on the job.

The two other complaining City Hall employees, Barbara Adams, an accounting clerk, and Linda Nash, a planning secretary, said Wednesday that they intend to join Withers in a suit.

Both women have filed complaints with the state and with their union, Local 501 of the Operating Engineers. "I think the council was well aware that we were at the end of our rope . . . unless some action was taken," Nash said. "The stress in City Hall has become too much."

Withers said the alleged harassment included "inappropriate touching" and verbal advances.

Greene, 52, would not comment on the allegations.

Greene accepted the city manager's position last month after serving as interim city manager since March.

The council did not examine applications by 70 candidates for the post before offering the job to Greene, who had not applied for it.

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