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Viking Tailback Milburn Checks Signals : Academic Lure of Stanford Just Not Enough, He'd Sooner Be a Sooner

July 14, 1988|RAY RIPTON | Times Staff Writer

"I thought that it would be tougher to get through the holes, but after the first couple of games I just told myself to go on doing what you're doing."

In his first year at Oklahoma, he won't be able to do what he did last year. He said the coaching staff wants him to redshirt as a freshman "because of my age (17) and maturity."

He said sitting out his first year should be a good timetable for him to follow because Sooner running backs Anthony Stafford and Leon Perry will have departed when he is ready to play.

When he is ready to play, will he bring with him any lessons learned from Kusserow? Yes.

"Coach Kusserow taught me to run hard and be tough. I know how to protect myself after running the ball all those times. I'll run around them before I'll run through them.

I learned something (about) helping the team. As long as we won, that's what it's about. They can give me the ball one time or 100 times; it doesn't matter to me."

Though he hopes to play in the NFL, he said being a pro takes a back seat to being a college graduate. "Most of all I want to get a good education. That's something you can guarantee.

"Nothing comes easy; you have to work for what you get. But if you put God first in your life, everything will work out for the best."

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