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A Guest Appearance?

July 15, 1988| Compiled by the Fashion88 staff

Has "deb of the decade" Cornelia Guest signed on as the new Breck girl? Listen can't say for sure, but an impeachable source tells us that "Goldilocks" Guest has indeed cut a deal with a shampoo firm to model her hair in print and TV ads. Guest's car phone was busy at press time, so we couldn't confirm. But watch these pages for an update.

Down Under Over Here

Richard Tyler, the inventive L.A. menswear designer who lists Diana Ross and Sammy Hagar among his clients, will open a shop on Beverly Boulevard at La Brea Avenue in September. The shop will feature Tyler's specialty: shapely jackets that give a long, lean, wasp-waist physique to whomever wears them, man or woman. The look is a combination of uptight-English, unstrung Edwardian and Hooray for Hollywood--all unexpected from an Australian native like Tyler.

Plucking His Heart Strings

Tonight's a biggie at the Apparel Mart in Atlanta. Designer Patrick Kelly's flying in from Paris to show his fall clothes at a benefit organized by Heart Strings, the Atlanta chapter of the Design Industries Foundation for AIDS. Kelly says he's designed a signature Heart Strings dress, which he'll debut at the event. The Mississippi-born designer, who lives in France, is now backed by Warnaco and recently became the first American admitted to the Chambre Syndicale, the elite Paris couturiers' organization. But fame and fortune haven't spoiled him a bit. He still wears baggy overalls, and his new fall look involves miniature billiard balls sewn onto dresses.

Welcoming Kids 'R' Us

Toys-'R'-Us isn't just fun and games anymore. The chain is into rompers and glad rags for children now. And on July 29, a number of Kids 'R' Us clothing stores will open in Southern California. Concentrating on name-brand shoes, accessories and such, the 10 stores will have only a smidgen of toys for sale, such as stuffed animals and (ideal for local consumption) the California Raisins collectible figures. But to keep kids happy while their parents shop, there will be games to play and closed-circuit videos to watch.

Shepherding for Southwest

Here's something we didn't know about Cybill Shepherd. She's a fan of the Southwest. In fact, the folks at L.A's Southwest Museum tell us Shepherd helped round up 1,600 new supporters during the latest membership drive--a feat for which they'll honor her at a September gala. But don't expect to see her carrying home any of the native American jewelry the museum plans to sell during the party. "Cybill is interested in the culture, " explains Charmay Allred, a trustee. "She's not a collector."

It's Across the Hall

When "Coming to America" co-star Arsenio Hall goes home, we know he has something comfy to slip into. It's a red-and-black, zebra-stripe, crepe de Chine robe from Sami Dinar's store in Beverly Hills. There are solid black pants to go with the robes, but so far Dinar hasn't had any takers, even though he says wearing the robe, the pants, and a bare chest is " really sexy."

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