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HIGH LIFE : 'Malling' Fans Hear the Centers Calling

July 16, 1988

Today's shopping mall has effectively replaced the malt shop of the '50s as the hangout for teen-agers. But what exactly is it about indoor stores that have turned them into homes away from home? Why is "malling" such a popular activity?

Here are some responses to this week's hot topic: "Which shopping mall do you prefer to hang out in and why?"

"Westminster Mall--all the rich people hang out there."

--Halina Mehr, 17,

senior, Anaheim

"Probably MainPlace, but I don't really know why. Either that or the Brea Mall . . . the Brea Mall is more relaxing."

--Cheryl Padayo, 17, senior, Connelly

"MainPlace--it has popular stores and is less crowded than other malls."

--Heather Ames, 16,

senior, Connelly

"I don't go to any shopping malls because I get my clothes at Tippecanoe's in Laguna Beach because it's cheap."

--Todd Hill, 16,

sophomore, Corona del Mar

"I hate malls, I hate shopping and I hate money. If I absolutely have to go, I'll go to the Buena Park Mall . . . if I absolutely have to go."

--Stacie Grover, 16,

junior, Cypress

"Westminster Mall--I love the different stores, and the prices are reasonable."

--Sheryl Murakoshi, 16,

junior, Cypress

"Mission Viejo Mall--it has better stores than Laguna Hills Mall; however, I prefer Russo's Pet Store in Laguna Hills to Pets Unlimited in Mission Viejo."

--Rochelle Clark, 17,

senior, Dana Hills

"South Coast Plaza--it is a large mall with a great variety of stores and women."

--Chris Stevens, 17,

senior, Dana Hills

"Malls are decadent hideouts for the unimaginative."

--Richard Hartzell, 16,

senior, Dana Hills

"South Coast Plaza--all the hot guys there."

--Paulette Villasenor, 17,

senior, Edison

"South Coast Plaza--it has a lot of shops that I like."

--Jennifer Yin, 15,

sophomore, Estancia

"I don't hang around malls that much, but if I did, South Coast Plaza would be it. It is close, and it has practically everything you want."

--Mike Joyner, 17, senior, Estancia

"South Coast Plaza--I like the atmosphere of the wealthy people because you can feel the wealth, but I can't even stop at Bullock's because it's so expensive."

--Gina Gail, 17,

senior, Fountain Valley

"South Coast Plaza--it's big and it has the best clothes stores."

--Chelsea Heneise, 15,

sophomore, Fountain Valley

"South Coast Plaza--I like the shops that are there."

--Brooke Goudge, 14,

sophomore, Fountain Valley

"Orange Mall--it's the closest and most convenient."

--Joung Kim, 17, senior, Katella

"MainPlace--it's different from the other malls. It's like walking on the street instead of in a closed shopping center."

--Andrea Coleman, 15,

sophomore, Katella

"South Coast Plaza--it has the most class."

--Buddy Fitzgerald, 15,

junior, Katella

"South Coast Plaza--my friend, Esther, and I enjoy putting on our blue pleated skirts and trying to look like Japanese schoolgirls."

--Susan Cho, 17,

senior, Kennedy

"Cerritos Mall--I go there after church on Sundays."

--Helen Shin, 15,

junior, Kennedy

"Westminster Mall--I know my way around, it's close to my house and my favorite stores are there."

--Jana Harden, 17,

senior, Los Alamitos

"South Coast Plaza--it has everything."

--Ashley Brooks, 17,

senior, Los Alamitos

"South Coast Plaza--I love the shops."

--Johanna Richard, 16,

senior, Los Alamitos

"Buena Park Mall--it's the most convenient, and I practically know every shop there."

--Fawzia Atcha, 16,

senior, Magnolia

"South Coast Plaza--the variety of stores and location to my house."

--Olivia Araiza, 15,

sophomore, Mater Dei

"Orange Mall--even though it's small, that's the whole idea. A small mall keeps it more of a social gathering."

--Richard Gallegos, 17,

senior, Orange

"Westminster Mall--it has a wide variety of stores."

--Matt Budds, 16, senior, Servite

"Brea Mall--that's where my friends go."

--Danielle Lyons, 14, sophomore,

Southern California Christian

"MainPlace--it has the best shops."

--Stacie Swain, 15, junior,

Southern California Christian

"MainPlace and Orange Mall--I like them because they are shopping malls."

--Becky Ganoe, 15, sophomore,

Southern California Christian

"South Coast Plaza--I live right next to it."

--Ernest Crawford, 15, sophomore,

Southern California Christian

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Hot Topic responses gathered by Chris Bergerud, Nikki Boramanand, Tanya Diaz, Kristen Hardeman, Laurene Harding, Stephanie Jeffers, Lynda Kim, Chi Mai, Monica Neal, Hai Pham, Jana Swail.

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