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Revenge of the Movie Location People

July 17, 1988

"Tales From the Hollywood Hills" is a PBS television series produced by the Educational Broadcasting Corporation. The episode that was partially filmed on Orange Grove Avenue is entitled "The Golden Land" and was adapted from a William Faulkner short story. We are a low-budget, nonprofit company whose employees are hard working people who care about their work.

Every resident of the 1300 block of North Orange Grove was notified at least five days before our filming when and what we intended to do.

In fact, to comply with the Los Angeles film permit rules, my assistant and I obtained the signatures of the residents, including Ron Krueger's, on a letter allowing us to film until midnight. (We actually left before 10 p.m.)

The city posted "No Parking" signs on the east side and 100 feet of the west side of the block approximately 24 hours in advance of their enforced hours. In deference to the neighborhood, we parked our cars in a parking lot a few blocks away.

I have never worked with a company that was as courteous to a neighborhood as this one. I have not had any other complaints from the residents of Orange Grove Avenue.

In reference to Krueger's accusations, no one was "harassed" while we were at the location. In accordance with our permit, we employed two off-duty Los Angeles police officers to enforce the permit that allowed us to intermittently control the traffic.

No one stopped Krueger's real estate agent from showing his house. We did ask her if she would park across the street. Krueger did give us permission to cover his "For Sale" sign; however, due to a miscommunication one of our people removed the sign.

It was re-installed approximately two hours later and we apologized for the mistake. I assure you that we did not hinder Krueger from selling his house.

On a final note, I think it was irresponsible of you to print a picture of a wild, destructive, death scene from another movie in conjunction with a letter about our tasteful production.


Location Manager


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