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Conference to Accent Japanese Investments : Program in Hawaii to Stress Opportunities for Joint-Venture Relationship with U.S. Firms

July 17, 1988

Direct capital investment in the United States by the Japanese and the potential for joint-venture relationships by Japanese and American real estate investors, developers and builders will be the focus of the second annual Pacific Basin Development Conference at the Wailea Resort on Maui, Hawaii, Aug. 17-20.

From the American viewpoint, firms currently developing residential, commercial and industrial real estate would benefit from the meeting while Japan, representing the greatest single source of investment capital today, is seeking new investments throughout the United States, according to Bryan Hardwick, president of the Pacific Basin Development Conference Management Co., producer of the meeting, sponsored by the Los Angeles Times.

"U.S. real estate developers are seeking the long-term capital necessary to bring major properties to the development stage over a period of years, and are increasingly interested in Japanese institutions as a source of patient money," he said.

Thinking of Investors

"Japanese capital continues to search out investment targets in U.S. real estate and now, more than ever, those involved in real estate development must understand the forces that drive this capital flow and the thinking of the leading Japanese investors. The conference is being structured to provide this understanding," Hardwick explained.

Leading Japanese investment figures, confirmed as speakers, include Gunpachi Okamoto, senior manager and director of Kowa Bussan Co. Ltd.; Yasuo Sento, vice president, North American Taisei Corp., and Yukuo Takenaka, chairman of Project Japan, Peat Marwick Main & Co. Haseko California, Inc., also will be represented by an executive.

Business sessions will begin Aug. 18, concentrating on how the Japanese do business, including concepts Americans must be aware of if they are to enter into a successful joint venture.

The Aug. 19 program will deal with Japanese realty investments in the United States with presentations made by the aforementioned speakers representing various investors, banks, a construction firm and a trading company.

Case Histories

The final day's meeting will have presentations by American companies describing their transactions with Japanese investors, including Roger C. Hobbs, president of Orange-based Century American Corp. Case histories will be presented dealing with residential and commercial projects.

All business sessions are scheduled for mornings, leaving the remainder of the day available for complimentary use of the 1,500-acre Stouffer Wailea Beach Resort's two championship golf courses, a tennis club and its beaches. Tournaments will be held on the final day.

Hardwick said limited registrations remain for the conference, held to 100 participants. Registration fee is $495, payable to the Pacific Basin Development Conference, 425 Via Corta, Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. 90274. For more information: 213/772-3753.

Portions of the proceeds will benefit the Building Industry Assn. Fund.

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