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Rent-Control Ruling : Ban on Renovations Threatens Landmark

July 19, 1988|BOB POOL | Times Staff Writer

"The way Schindler built these back into the hill gives us tremendous privacy," said John De Pascale, a chemical manufacturer who has rented a two-bedroom Laurelwood apartment for 10 years and pays a monthly rent of $516.

"It's gone downhill over the years. I'd have loved to have seen this place when it was new. A lot of engineering students stop by here to look at what he did," he said.

Neighbor Jimmer Podrasky, who moved in shortly after Jameson bought the apartments and pays $884 a month, said he appreciates the unusual character of the place.

"Each apartment I've been in here is a little different," said Podrasky, who is lead singer for the Rave-Ups, a popular Los Angeles country-rock band.

Each of the units has hardwood floors, open-beam ceilings, small kitchen milk-delivery doors, ceiling-high windows and an unobscured view.

"Once we moved in, friends told us Rudolph Schindler was famous and gave us a bunch of articles about him. He'd lived in Connecticut in cabins before he came here. He wanted to keep the rustic feeling he'd enjoyed in the cabins."

Said Podrasky with pride: "Schindler actually came here and hammered nails himself when this place was built."

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