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Parents' Bid to Oust Teacher Supported

July 21, 1988

The San Gabriel Valley League of United Latin American Citizens Council supports the efforts of parents and students at San Dimas High School to have substitute teacher James Willard barred from teaching in the Bonita School District.

The issue is Willard's theory that Latinos, blacks and Italians are like dogs in that they are "slovenly, good-natured and tend to run in packs," and that Anglos and Asians are like cats in that they are more "independent, fastidious and intelligent."

A teacher with such an opinion is attempting to justify his insensitivity and low expectations of Latino, black and Italian students. In defending Willard while criticizing parents and students who were upset, the school's principal perpetuated a philosophy that Latinos, blacks and Italians cannot excel academically.

In contrast, at Garfield High School in Los Angeles, Jaime Escalante has proved that students will respond to a teacher who has high expectations and motivates them.

It is the goal of LULAC to reverse negative educational practices through providing scholarships and promoting positive educational examples. We expect school districts to do the same.



Monterey Park

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