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1,500 Glendale Workers to Get 5% to 15% Raise

July 21, 1988|MARTHA L. WILLMAN | Times Staff Writer

Salary increases ranging from 5% to 15% for almost 1,500 Glendale city employees were approved Tuesday by the City Council.

The raises, which are retroactive to July 1, were granted after council members conducted a series of closed-door study sessions in which they reviewed the salaries of top-level managers, said Brian Butler, city finance director.

The increases were based on the performance of individuals and comparisons of salaries for similar positions in other cities, Butler said.

City Manager David H. Ramsay, who assumed the city's highest executive position in April, got the largest raise. He will now earn $8,063 a month, a 15% increase. The former deputy city manager, Ramsay had been given only a slight increase by the council when he moved into his new position.

Service Detailed

Typically, the position of city manager is the highest-paid, Butler said. But Ramsay, who has been with the city for 11 years, is earning slightly less than the $8,068 monthly salary to be paid W. E. Cameron, director of public service.

Butler said the knowledge and management skills required of Cameron, who is responsible for supplying the city's water and power, as well as his 17 years of service to the city, have earned him the highest salary.

Most of the salary increases, which average about 6%, were negotiated in contracts with the police and city employee unions, Butler said.

Under the ordinance, an entry-level clerk will earn $1,272 to $1,662 a month depending on skills; a police officer, $2,615 to $3,417 a month, and a firefighter, $2,388 to $3,119.

Mid-management salaries include monthly pay of $2,153 to $2,666 for a custodial supervisor and $2,822 to $3,496 for a park services supervisor.

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