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Wayne Newton at the Celebrity

July 23, 1988

Regarding Mike Boehm's review of Wayne Newton at the Celebrity Theatre in Anaheim (Calendar, July 18):

... If (Boehm) was really at that show, he must have reviewed it from the parking lot. It doesn't appear that he saw or heard the same thing that Mr. Newton's sellout crowd heard: a man with a voice that seems to make all hang on to every word, the talent to play many different instruments, and so much enthusiasm that he had his audience on their feet clapping and yelling several times.

After living in Reno for many years, I've seen a large number of entertainers, both cabaret and headliners, and never have I seen anyone who puts more into a show than Mr. Newton.

I heard opinions from 15 different people who attended Saturday's show. . . . They had only praise for the entire show, unlike your reviewer who had not one good thing to say.

Mr. Boehm ended by saying: "If a long time passes before (this show) ventures this way again, that will be no great loss." I would like to end by saying I hope people don't pay much attention to reviews, and will go and see this wonderfully talented man and judge for themselves, and if Mr. Newton came back tomorrow, it wouldn't be soon enough for me.

I do understand that this is just Mr. Boehm's opinion, and my opinion is that he might better serve your paper as weatherman because no one ever believes them.


Buena Park

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