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HIGH LIFE : Good Films Come to the Fore in the Good Old Summertime

July 23, 1988|Hot Topic responses gathered by Chris Bergerud, Nikki Boramanand, Tanya Diaz, Kristin Hardeman, Laurene Harding, Lynda Kim, Rebecca Leung, Chi Mai, Monica Neal, Hai Pham, Gabriel Saldivar, Jeff Santelli, Jena Swail

Summer is the hottest box-office time of the year for movie theaters across the nation, a fact that leads to this week's hot topic: "What's the best movie you've ever seen and why?"

" 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'--it always makes me cry."

Cheryl Padayo, 17,

senior, Connelly

" 'Raising Arizona'--it is so sarcastic that it makes you laugh. 'Aliens' and 'Full Metal Jacket' because they get your adrenaline pumping and parts are funny."

--Bart Hickson, 18,

senior, Corona del Mar

" 'Breakfast Club'--it made me understand people better."

--Nir Rahamin, 16,

junior, Cypress

" 'Dirty Dancing'--I'm a dancer myself and I realize how hard it is to be able to dance like that."

--Vicki Kennedy, 17,

senior, Dana Hills

" 'Breakfast Club'--it deals with a lot of situations (that) kids face every day in high school and it showed how alike we all are, even if we're parts of different cliques."

--Brandy Elser, 16,

senior, Dana Hills

" 'Clockwork Orange'--it shows what society is turning out to be."

--Richard Hartzell, 16,

senior, Dana Hills

" 'Big'--the movie really made me laugh and made me remember the way I thought when I was young."

--Ken Romaniszyn, 16,

senior, El Toro

" 'Full Metal Jacket'--it showed the duality of mankind."

--Neil King, 17,

senior, Estancia

" 'Platoon'--the action in it is very real. It showed a lot of emotion of people dying during the war. It is very close to reality because it shows just about everything. This is not like any other wartime movie; it's a must-see."

--Luan Ton, 17,

senior, Estancia

" 'Running Scared'--or one of the 'Beverly Hills Cop' movies because the writers make me feel like I'm right there with the action."

--Jason Hassay, 16,

junior, Fountain Valley

" 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'--it's different and funny."

--Valerie Smith, 15,

sophomore, Fountain Valley

" 'Star Wars,' 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Return of the Jedi'--they have lots of action, great story lines and imagination."

--David Berryman, 14,

sophomore, Heritage

" 'St. Elmo's Fire'--even though it may lack a solid story that the critics tend to 'hunt for,' the actors and the style of the movie appealed to me."

--Alex Im, 17,

senior, Kennedy

" 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'--I haven't seen it but the previews were great. And I'm sure it would easily be the best movie I've ever seen if I do see it."

--Jean Chen, 16,

junior, Kennedy

" 'Top Gun'--it inspired me very much. I really want to become a Navy fighter pilot when I get older."

--Mike Hall, 17,

senior, Loara

" 'Apocalypse Now'--it is a most interesting and intriguing movie."

--Chris Brown, 16,

senior, Los Alamitos

" 'Wall Street'--it shows the reality of the business world."

--Hugh Hua, 17,

senior, Los Amigos

" 'Stand and Deliver'--it showed that nothing is too hard to accomplish in life."

--Refugio Placentia, 15,

sophomore, Los Amigos

" 'Robocop'--I liked the special effects very much."

--Richard Madren, 16,

junior, Magnolia

" Big'--it's hilarious, and it seems it could happen to me."

--Alison Bush, 17,

senior, Mater Dei

" 'Star Wars'--it has everything: action, adventure, romance and even some comedy."

--Nimisha Gohil, 17,

senior, Orange

" 'Ladyhawke'--for the magic and the romance, and the fact that everything turns out OK in the end."

--Anna Pezzetti, 16,

senior, Orange

" 'Westside Story'--I liked the singing, dancing and the music."

--Jenelyn Cunningham, 18,

senior, Orange Lutheran

" 'For Keeps'--I guess I liked it because it showed how tough teen pregnancy is."

--Pam Sanchez, 15,

sophomore, Santa Ana

" 'E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial'--it was heart-warming."

--Jorge Rivero, 17,

senior, Santa Ana

" 'Stand By Me'--it was something I could relate with."

--Matt Budds, 16,

senior, Servite

" 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'--it had all my favorite cartoon characters in it."

--Cindy Lacina, 18, senior,

Southern California Christian

" 'Gone With The Wind'--Scarlett O'Hara was such a strong character and one who demanded admiration from everyone."

--Barna Dee, 16,

senior, University

" 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'--it is clever and witty."

--Brent Phillips, 17,

senior, University

" 'Predator'--it was violent; I like violent movies."

--Chad Beeler, 15,

sophomore, Valencia

" 'North Shore'--it is a rad surf movie."

--Jeff Meyers, 16,

junior, Valencia

" 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure'--it was funny."

--Mickey Doi, 16,

junior, Valencia

" 'Strange Brew'--it is the stupidest movie I've seen but it's a funny one."

--Heather Jones, 17,

senior, Westminster

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