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Development Density Issue in Costa Mesa

July 24, 1988

Sorry, but I cannot let Brian K. Theriot's nasty letter (July 10) go without comment.

I am the mother and mother-in-law of Jim and Patricia Aynes, whom he mentions as some of the "no-growth nobility" who are missing from Costa Mesa.

He closes with, "Fortunately for Costa Mesa, when the going gets tough, these types get going and get out of town."

Theriot fails to mention just how "tough" the opposition was, which included death threats at the time of the election. For small-town politics, that's pretty rough and "tough." Somehow, the citizens of Costa Mesa were duped by the likes of Theriot, who is in the pay of a developer.

Jim and Tricia and the others in Mesa Action, which is still operating and NOT defunct, as Theriot stated, were representing the homeowners.

Yes, they moved from Costa Mesa, much as they liked it there, for the safety and well-being of their family--not "to promote their politics" some other place.

More power to Sandra Gennis, Dr. and Mrs. Steven Goldberger and Dave Wheeler. They're fighting the big bucks developers--and some pretty "tough" characters.


Corona del Mar

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