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New Zealand Guidebook Assists Budget Traveler

July 24, 1988|LUCY IZON | Izon is a Canadian travel journalist covering youth budget routes.

A new source of information for young budget travelers planning extended visits to New Zealand is the "New Zealand Handbook" by Jane King, a 512-page guide to three major islands.

This is the type of guide that would be helpful on the road and during the planning stages of a journey.

It covers the nitty gritty about the services for travelers who want to make economical stops. The book includes 82 maps and details about the land, history, people, events, outdoor activities, sights, accommodations, entertainment, food, transportation, bike rentals and emergency assistance services.

New Zealand is suited to travelers who love the outdoors. It has wonderful parks and walks that range from an hour to several days.

The guide covers some of the walks and includes information on where to contact park staff for information about trails and camping.

The guide also details economical walking tours in cities. For example, the Auckland City Council offers free two-hour guided walks around the inner city on weekdays between November and May.

Walks are designed to introduce the visitor to places he might not find on his own.

Beds for every budget, including free campsites, hostels, motor inns, bed and breakfasts and guest houses are listed.

Thermal-Plunge Pool

For example, a youth hostel in the historic city of Rotorua has a thermal-plunge pool. The hostel is at Eruera and Hinemaru streets.

The guide includes addresses for the automobile association, a service excellent for information and maps if you are going to drive or cycle. This service is free if you belong to an affiliated automobile association.

Also, the guide tells where to see traditional entertainment and where to go if you are feeling a little homesick. For example, Prince of Wales Tavern on Ellice Street in Wellington has a satellite hook-up for its large-screen TV. You can watch a live transmission of the Super Bowl in January.

The "New Zealand Handbook" can be bought in bookstores for $13.95 or ordered directly from the publisher, Moon Publications, 722 Wall St., Chico, Calif. 95928. Include $1.25 for book rate or $3 for first-class, UPS delivery.

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